Friday, 10 July 2009


Over the last week I have noticed a dramatic change in the recruiting market. Mainly the Financial Services, which hopefully in the medium term will start the knock on effect of a recovery across most sectors. It is very difficult to guage whether these small bursts of recruitment activity are in fact a sign of recovery, or whether they are purely "necessary".

There are many predictions on when the recession will end. The general quotes are our economy has stopped retracting now, although we are seeing growth in certain areas, and even this growth is minimal. The bulk of the experts expect growth to return around Summer 2010.

It is all very interesting to me as I have experienced inflation of over 1,000,000 percent, and a "recession" that is hard to compare to any other, and that was being in Zimbabwe in the late 90's. Now that was some recession, and just an indication of how we went from hero to zero, in 1997 the exchange rate was US$1 - ZIM£10, and by 2006 this was up and over ZIM£1 million to one! Work that one out.

Thursday, 2 July 2009

The Recession

I have found these last 6 months extremely difficult in Recruitment, employer's laying off staff rather than hiring, those that are hiring are cutting costs and not using recruitment agencies, and the only vacancies being given to agencies are the very niche and hard to find skill sets.

I have found my introduction to recruitment quite tough as I started around the same time the recession did. However, having said that, even as a reasonably new Recruiter I held my own and so far I have managed to keep my head above water. The question I ask myself most days - Is recruitment what I want to do for a good length of time? The answer is I am not sure, but as things continue to improve the job does become more enjoyable.

New to blogging

Working in recruitment in the modern era, I never stop hearing about Social Media, Web 2.0 etc. An active user on LinkedIn (, and that tool has been fantastic in the industry I work in.

Looking forward to experiencing the world of blogging...